Tuesday, September 16, 2008

it's only Tuesday?

I just made a cup of tea, vanilla, if you were wondering, but it's awful. Boooo.

How was your weekend? Okay? Fun? Relaxing? Mine was...in a word, busy! Saturday we had to go to Steve's company picnic, which was up in Columbia, MD. They had pina colada slushies, which was clearly the thing that made the drive worth it. They were labeled "adults only," so there must have had a little somethin' somethin' in there. Afterwards, we drove down to Crystal City to watch the Iowa-Iowa State football game. I could care less about football of any kind, but Steve and his friends were there to support their alma matter (did I spell that right?), who lost. Oh well.

Then we had this weird wedding thing. I'll explain. Some acquaintences of ours were married in July in Turkey (they are both Turkish), so they had a "reception" here. It was at the clubhouse of the condo association they live in. We had very little details of the event, especially the attire. Since we'd been picnicing and gaming, I was in capris and a shirt...clearly not wedding-wear. They were having it out in McLean and we didn't want to go back to DC, so we stopped at Pentagon City...an obvious solution. I bought this dress at the Gap, but wore it like in the second picture, because I looked like an idiot when I belted it. Steve bought a pair of dark jeans and a button down shirt. Jeans you say? For a wedding? Yes, jeans. This is because when the bride was asked what the attire was, she said to wear what you wear when you go clubbing. Which I don't. So, needless to say, I had no idea what to wear. Luckily, the dress was on sale for a whopping $23.99, which I thought was fine for a weird wedding reception for a couple I barely know. I was surprised I was invited, to be honest. I've met her a few times, she's very nice, but I haven't seen her in at least a year and a half, and frankly, if I saw her on the street, I wouldn't recognize her.

At least the cake was good.


wafelenbak said...

Ooooh, that dress is adorable! I might have to scurry over to the Gap site right now...I can totally picture it with a loose, low-hanging belt...
One of my favorite vanilla teas is Bigelow Vanilla Caramel. Also, Lipton makes a Vanilla Caramel Truffle that is HEAVENLY but becoming increasingly hard to find. :(

Dolce said...

Love the dress! And who doesn't like cake? Come on!

Megan said...

See, THIS is why the cake is in the top three priorities for my wedding. My flowers? Meh. No one's going to be eating those! (I hope...)