Thursday, February 5, 2009

facebook fun

So there is that meme running around facebook and if you aren't my facebook friend, you haven't seen my fascinating list (maybe you should be my facebook friend!). I know you're dying to know all sorts of random things about me (though perhaps some of them are not new information!), I thought I'd post it here...

1. I can't stand Angelina Jolie in the least. She's unattractive and a hypocrite.

2. I talk to myself in foreign languages, but mainly in the grocery store. I am far from fluent in either Polish or Spanish, but find myself thinking gdzie jest mleko or donde esta la leche instead of where is the milk?

3. Before I moved to DC four years ago, I had never been here, not even to visit. I moved to a city I had never stepped foot in, into a house I didn't see before moving in. At the time, I was in Canada running an election, and didn't have the luxury of being here to look at apartments, so I had to base my decisions on phone calls and photos. I got lucky, and moved into a great house with great people, including Steve.

4. Yes, Steve, my boyfriend, was my roommate first. Le scandal! He lived in the basement apartment and I lived upstairs. He seduced me one day and the rest, as the say, is history.

5. I hate tomatoes. I will, however, eat ketchup, tomato sauce, bruschetta, tomato soup, salsa and pretty much anything that contains tomato...but the actual fruit gives me the heebee jeebees. If it is a large chunk, or slice, like in a salad or on a sandwich, I can't handle it. Small, cut up, in something? No problem! Yes, I am aware that I am ridiculous!

6. I love writing letters and getting mail. While email is truly a wonderful thing (thanks Al Gore! hehe) I appreciate people taking the time to sit down and write down their thoughts to share. I have several friends all over that I write to, and I very often send random cards to friends for no reason other then to let them know that I am thinking of them. Coming home and finding a hand-written letter in my mailbox really can make my day. I really should buy stock in Hallmark.

7. Even though I have one MA and am nearly finished with my second, I can’t help but consider another…likely in Library Science…

8. I consider it rude to use call-waiting. This drives Steve apples and bananas. If I am on the phone with someone, and my phone beeps, I look to see who it is, but 97% of the time, I ignore the beep, unless I am waiting for a call. If it is important, they will leave a message and I'll call back. If that person calls again right away, I assume it could be important, so I switch.

9. I don't understand sarcasm. At all. I never get jokes. Ever. I'm also gullible. Bad combination. Maybe someday I will tell the Christ with a K story. Consider yourself lucky if you already know it!

10. It makes me really sad to see Christmas trees lying on the sidewalk, their glory days being over. I wish they could stay up year-round, I really do!

11. I collect tea towels, teapots, Peter Rabbit books/pieces and Russian babushka nesting dolls.

12. Before I met Steve, Iowa was on the list of “states if I never see in this lifetime, it will be okay.” Now, I find it’s a very nice place and I’m glad to go there and I even have a few favorite places there!

13. I really love the cupcake trend that is going around now, because it means that cupcake shops are popping up all over DC!

14. Three of my favorite boys live in Charleston, SC, and one of my favorite boys lives in Laconia, NH and it makes me sad that I don’t see them often.

15. I would love to have a library named after me someday.

16. I sponsor two little girls in Albania through World Vision and I really am so thrilled with it. It makes me so happy to send them letters and packages and come home to find a letter from them in my mailbox. As cliché as it sounds, I’m so pleased to be a part of their life.

17. I’ve become really obsessed with etsy lately and want to make things too!

18. I want to learn to knit and quilt. When I was home earlier this month, I made a pillow and I have signed up for a class to learn to make a potholder next month!

19. I speak some Polish, Spanish and French, but I am far from fluent in any of them, but would like to be. I’d also like to learn Albanian and Norwegian and at least one language with a different alphabet.

20. I truly think that reading with your children is one of the greatest things you can do with them. Some of my fondest memories come from these moments with my parents and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

21. I have more then 150 cookbooks. Seriously.

22. I horse back rode for 15 years and competed in college. Until last summer, I hadn’t been on a horse in about six years. My mother has been taking lessons and she and I rode together one day, which was such a fun moment for me. I want to start taking lessons this spring.

23. I’d love to have twins someday.

24. The most random summer job I ever had was the summer after junior year of high school. I worked in the ticket booth for the G.L.T.A. (Greater Laconia Transport Agency), but didn’t sell any tickets, because the boss decided all rides were free. For some reason, he kept me in the booth to serve as an info point for tourists, but nobody ever came by because the booth was in strange spot and nobody knew it was there.

25. I have more books then I have space to keep them. I need more shelves because the books are in piles all over my apartment. I also have a large number of children’s books that I hope to give to my own someday.

PS. I also have two other memes that I need to do, courtesy of Lizzie


Janssen said...

My mom is exactly the same way about tomatoes.

Anonymous said...

#1 - YAY!! i heart you for this!!
#3 - i did the same thing here. it's scary and exciting all at the same time
#6 - i send random cards all the time... i LOVE them!
#23 - i don't... i really want to be pregnant 2x and only have 2 kids out of the deal

La Petite Belle said...

hahahaha "donde esta la leche".. haha i *think* we are facebook friends, aren't we? if we aren't, there my facebook link on the blog.

Lauren said...

I"m not a Jolie fan either.

Playful Professional said...

I can't stand Angelina. I don't get what anyone sees in her. I'll actually stay away from a movie just because she's in it. On the other hand, I love Brad Pitt. Ha.

anOCgirl said...

i am SO with you on #5. chunky tomatoes suck! small chopped up tomatoes are a-ok.

and i can totally relate to #25. i just bought a bunch of used books and there's no room for them on either of our bookshelves. i think i'm going to donate some of them to goodwill to make some room