Thursday, February 26, 2009

I got ashed!

So yesterday was a big thing. I went to mass for Ash Wednesday. Despite my many years of Catholic school and upbringing, I’ve become a bit of, what the lovely Magda calls something of a lapsed Catholic. I have good intentions, I really do. I just lack follow-up (this seems to permeate through other aspects of my life as well…something to work on). There is a lovely church just a few blocks from my office, so a co-worker and I went yesterday to the 12:20 mass during lunch hour. I was even good enough to remember to have a tuna sandwich for lunch, rather then turkey. Go Lexi! I do believe I was supposed to be fasting, but I didn’t really have dinner, so I’m not going to Hell for it, am I?

So for my Lenten sacrifices, I’ve decided on the following. I’ll be giving up both soda and fast food. While I admit that I don’t drink soda at home ever, I do at work sometimes, in the afternoon, and at lunch. Also, if Steve and I go out, I usually get a diet coke with lemon (unless we are somewhere nice, and I have a glass of wine). Also, with regards to fast food- I eat far more Taco Bell then I should! So, these are good things, and if I lose ten pounds in the process, that works for me! Perhaps the biggest sacrifice of all though, is my giving up buying books. This is big, because as you know, I love books, a lot. I have no problem walking into Barnes and Noble and dropping $50 easy on a few books. This happens at least twice a month. Here’s a bit of a confession. I’m a bit of a hypocrite, because as much as I lovelovelove libraries and want to build them in developing nations, I rarely use the DC libraries, despite there being one a mere four blocks from my apartment. Second confession- I currently have an overdue fine at the DC library, which is one of the reasons why I haven’t been using them! I just love books and want them for my very own. I’m bad, I know. So, I won’t be buying any books for the next 40 days and instead, the money I’d spend on books will be sent along to World Vision for some of their special projects (ie. World hunger, warm clothes for children, etc).

This will be a good thing, I’m sure of it.

Oh, and also, I will make a concerted effort to go to mass on Sundays. Really.

Are you making any Lenten sacrifices? What are you giving up or trying to change?


Hannah said...

Hi, new here.:) I think your gut will definitely thank you for giving up the suspicious "meat" thats in Taco Bell tacos. Giving up buying new books for awhile? That's tough! I'm the same as you, Chapters is one of my favorite stores!

Janssen said...

I'm totally the opposite - I love books but I cannot bring myself to buy them.

Good luck!

Mel said...

I thought it was not meat on friday so I ate a Fuddruckers Burger *Thanks Magda!*

I am giving up red meat for lent. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big steak eater. So this will be tough.

magda said...

woooo lapsed catholics unite! I hope this Lent is a good one for you, and I think Sunday masses is a great idea; here's hoping you find the right parish! That was my problem in OT. It's like theresa HQ.

xo and gooooo libraries!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I haven't given anything up for Lent in years. I feel like I gave up 80% of my personal time when I had kids - so it's more of a year round thing for me.