Tuesday, September 8, 2009

come read with me

Last year, I posted about becoming a penpal with a great organization called In2Books. Last year, I read five books with my student Terrion. I really enjoyed getting to know him a bit through our "letters," which were really emails through their online system. My actual email address was not given out; no personal information was ever exchanged.

I just had an email from In2Books, letting me know that I will soon receive the name of my new penpal for this school year! I'm really looking forward to it once again. It's not that time-consuming; every other month or so, you will receive an email with the title of the book you read next. My student was a 4th grader, so reading the books he chose never took too long. Then I'd write to him, asking questions about the book, and he'd reply, asking and answering questions of his own. Once I was finished with the books, I collected them and donated them to a local library.

If you are looking for a fun opportunity, check it out! You'll have fun, I promise!


Mandy's Life After 30 said...

That's a wonderful idea and I may just look into that. Thank you for sharing this.

Playful Professional said...

I signed up for this a while back and forgot about it until just now. Thanks!

Rachel H. said...

This looks like fun...I'm going to look into it also!

Mel said...

I might end up doing this... I thought about doing this last school year when you started it.