Wednesday, June 30, 2010

wait, what? was I supposed to say yes?

Yesterday after work, I stopped at Harris Teeter to pick up a few things and was walking home from there. I've done this a zillion times, so I thought nothing of it. As I walked along Pennsylvania Ave SE (not in the sketchy part!), I turned to head north towards my apartment. I noticed out of the corner of my eye a white sedan slowing down, but again, thought nothing of it.

Then the car stopped, and I heard the driver say "excuse me." I glanced at him and the passenger, but looked away, as I didn't think he was speaking to me. Then he repeated himself, so I stopped, assuming they needed directions somewhere.

Driver- "excuse me"

Lexi' "yes?"

Driver- "I was just wondering if I could take you out on a date."

Lexi- *dumbfounded* "sorry, I have a boyfriend"

Driver- "okay, have a good day!"

I was flabbergasted! Does this happen often? Do people say yes when random guys pull up to them and ask them out on the sidewalk? Did he think that I was going to say yes?

So of course, I called Steve immediately to tell him and then promptly updated my facebook status to tell the tale. Several people, including my sister, commented and said I should remind Steve that I am still on the market and he has some competition! Ha!

I did think it was pretty funny, though so random! The best part, was the guy was no more than 20 years old!

Has anything like this happened to you?


dating diva said...

Wow, that's a little sketch. When you said white van, I was thinking of a way worse ending to the whole thing. Haha glad he wasn't the kidnapper type. I've never had that happen before. Maybe that guy has had success in the past by doing that?


KatiePerk said...

Hottie!! I think I would choose to think I looked amazing, and he was stupified by your beauty and didn't think out his asking out strategy!!!

VA Gal said...

I agree with what your friend KatiePerk said. The approach is a little creepy, though.

grey umbrella said...

yes sketchy, you can never be too careful! on the flip side ... smile because you made a guy stop and ask you out!

VA Gal said...

Also, check my blog - I left you something! :)

Miss Janice said...

Wow...not lately, it hasn't!!! Smile and say no thank you and run:) Kind of strange in today's world. (Good to know they are still lookin' at you though)

Mel said...

Ha ha... yeah actually it has happened to me more that once. My mom was courted like that for weeks until finally she said yes to the guy before she met my dad.

Jill said...

Ha Ha... that's awesome. On the rare occasions that kind of stuff has happened to me, it's been sketchy guys, unfortunately.