Tuesday, August 17, 2010

love letters!

How gorgeous is this bedding from anthropologie?
I want it!
Fond remembrances and glimpses of emotion layer romantically on Mise en Scene by Ruffian's soft sateen set. Actual missives collected from a vintage shop in Brooklyn create this swoon-worthy print, as silk trim ties them all together like a stack of notes from a loved one.

I wonder what Steve would think if he came home one day and found it on the bed???
Would he kill me?


Mandy's Life After 30 said...

Beautiful, I love it! I wonder if I could write my own love letter on a pillow like that! That would make a great gift I think.

This is perfect that I read this today since I"m in a love kind of mood and celebrating my 8th wedding anniversary today! Thanks Lexi~

midnight macaroons said...

It's gorgeous and very romantic. I just purchased new bedding Friday afternoon. I was trying to get it inside the house before the hubby noticed but he got home before me. I was struggling trying to get it out of the back of the car when he came out to the garage. I got the disapproval sigh when he saw the price tag and now I'm not allowed to buy anything for the entire month. AND there are big sales everywhere because it's the "tax free" weekend. Not fair! However, our bedroom is going to look great.