Monday, April 30, 2012

a wonky pineapple!

A few weeks back, I posted about the shamrock mini quilt that I made. It has been hanging on a short wall at the end of the hallway of the house, and you can see it as soon as you walk in the front door. I had intended to make something for Easter too, but it just never happened. Lately, I've found several pineapple items, including a pineapple candle holder, and a pineapple wallflower from Bath and Body Works. I'm loving them, I have to say! 

New collection, perhaps???

Then I had an idea to make a pineapple mini quilt! 

I made this over the weekend, in about two hours. It's small, like the shamrock, 
about 15" x 15," and fits perfectly in the same spot on the wall. The shamrock will have to wait until next March to come out again! Like before, it's a bit wonky, but I think it's cute, and was quite pleased with it. 

Here it is hanging in its new spot on the wall!

In addition to being delicious, pineapples are the symbol for hospitality and welcome, so this seems like a very fitting thing to be hanging in the front hallway of the house!

What did you make over the weekend? What should I make next?  :)


eas said...

It's beautiful! You are so talented!

I love pineapples-I just got some new recipe cards with a pineapple printed on them.

Kiki and Lala said...

So lovely
I cant wait to get sewing after my class in June xx

prsd4tim2 said...

Your pineapple was the inspiration for my mini ticker tape pineapple quilt. Thanks for the inspiration! It's a beautiful little quilt.