Thursday, August 30, 2012

oh Krakow, you have my heart

Ten years ago yesterday I flew to Krakow, Poland, where I stayed for the next (almost) two years, where I was in grad school. I just came across this gem, the first email I sent, after I arrived, August 2002- 

-----Original Message-----
From: lexilooo
Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2002 4:01 PM
Hello everyone~~
So here I am in Krakow. I wanted to say hello and give you my address as 
well! I can't quite believe that I am really here, I think I never thought 
the day would actually come! The flight was uneventful. I actually met a 
girl at Logan Airport who was coming here as well. Random, yes, I know, but 
random is my middle name! The in-flight meal on the way to Zurich was 
chicken with some sauce, but I felt like a grown-up when they served me 
wine! We had a long layover in Zurich, waiting for nearly six hours. Finally 
the connection to Krakow was made, and we got here about 3pm. That in-flight 
meal was some kind of stroganof, which was interesting. We were picked up at 
the airport along with four other girls who had arrived from Chicago. They 
are all nice. Jessica, the girl who flew with me, lost her luggage, so that 
wasn't such a nice thing to have happen. Hopefully they will find it soon. 
They brought us to the dorm, which is hardly East Hall! It should do though, 
for now, I suppose! My roommates name is April, she seems very nice. There 
may just be internet connections in the room...we are trying to figure it 
out. You know how happy that would make me! Haha. After that, we went on a 
tour and saw some places, like Cloth Market Hall and many churches. It's so 
pretty. I'd been here before, of course, but maybe I forgot how magical it 
is. We went to dinner, and I had keilbasa! It was marvelous. Then we went 
and sat outside at this outdoor restaurant, and listened to some live music. 
The atmosphere was excellent, lots of people around. Everything seems to be 
going well so far. We have our own bathroom in our suite. There are two 
other girls, one from Philadelphia and one from Australia. The four of us 
share a bathroom. We have a window that overlooks the road, and I have the 
bed next to the window, with a windowsill for my picture frames! Yay. 
Classes begin next week. Well, the Polish classes anyway. The other main MA 
classes don't begin until October. The people seem very nice. As it turns 
out, I do have a phone number, but I don't know what it is. I will have to 
send it out at a later date, but I will give you my address now. There will 
be more updates to come...I'm sure you all remember the emails from 
Luxembourg! I miss you all, and let me know what you are up to.
Love, Lexilooo
two years of great fun, great friends, great vodka.
oh, and a Master's degree too. 
adventures of a lifetime, they most certainly were.
Krakow, I'll love you for always. 

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