Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thrifty Thursday with Scarlet Threads!

Scarlet Threads has recently introduced a new feature called Thrifty Thursday! Each week, a different item will be on crazy sale! This week, the deal du jour for you is the Summer Joy- the "big sister" of the lovely Poppy! Just $9.00 for this week - that's the best deal yet!

The Poppy dress, for infants was on sale last week, so we thought Summer Joy would be a great deal to follow.  The Summer Joy has two designs! One is the paisley (and I'm a sucker for anything paisley!), and then the floral design, like the Poppy. The darker colors in the paisley are a great ease into fall...add some leggings and a turtleneck, and your little doll will be the best dressed in class!

Need an inspiration? Check out these photos of Boikokobetso, the little darling I sponsor in South Africa with World Vision! I've posted the photos before, but here's a refresher-

Isn't Boikokobetso fashionable?! Straps up or straps down! Pink pants and shoes to match! For a bit of reference, I sent her a small/3T, and she just turned five this month. I don't have any children of my own yet, so I had to guess, and I think I did okay. Having room to grow is a good thing, eh?

So! This week, grab a Summer Joy for just $9! Best deal! Hurry and grab one today!

Go here to buy a dress, and use the code lex10 when you order  :)

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