Monday, January 14, 2013

eeek! a Bellevue Newport giveaway!!!

Good morning Sunshine! I have a giveaway for you today!
Have you heard about Bellevue Newport yet? It's a fashion jewelry flashsale via facebook auctions! Monday and Wednesday evenings, beginning at 8pm, EST.

It's so much fun- they will post the picture, description, quantity and price of the item. To bid on the item, you comment on the picture with "SOLD" and your email address.
They send an invoice via paypal and payment is due within 24 hours.
Payment is done via paypal only. Shipping is ALWAYS free! 
These are a few of the goodies I've picked up, all under $20!

Glam earrings (they also come in green!).

Both bracelets, though two different times!

Starfish bangle (center) in turquoise with the bow bracelet, also in turquoise.
On the far right is a hair tie from Scarlet Threads new Wired {He}arts collection ;)

Serpeant bracelet!
My sister has this one too, so she and I are twinsies!

Sometimes there are even crazy sales!

How to buy:

Bellevue Newport was so kind to offer us a giveaway! These new monogram necklaces come in your choice of navy blue or hot pink, and also a choice of script or block.

Aren't they terrific?!
Here's how to enter:


KatiePerk said...

The Caroline necklace is pretty! I am in love with the navy monogram necklace too. What a cool company! Thanks for sharing this!

Jessica Lynch said...

I love all the different studs! Also love the chain and leather bracelet in pink :)

Rebecca Miller said...

love everything and they make the best gifts! Thank you for the post!!

Alyssa B said...

I love gold plated monogram necklace!

Claudia said...

I love the monogram navy necklace! It would be perfect for my october wedding :)

Kelly said...

Love the monograms!

HogPrin said...

I would say the starfish studs or monogram necklace

Heidi said...

very cool! I love the navy monogram necklace :) :)

PS I <3 your taste in jewelry - pls teach me to accessorize better? kthx :)

Celeste said...

Well, other than this fabulous monogrammed necklace - I love the pearl Millie necklace!

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

My favorite item is the Pearl and gold twisty necklace.

Katelin said...

so sad i missed this! bah being to busy to read blogs, but hurray bellevue :)