Tuesday, January 8, 2013

nail polish love. again.

In the past year or so, I've been really into nail polish and painting my nails. This must be from birchbox (are you a member? $10 a month and a box filled with beauty samples!) because they've sent several nail polishes over the months. So, in turn, I've been painting my nails, and keeping them painted most of the time! I do try to let my nails go natural for a day or two between colors...that seems like a good idea, right?

Well, thanks to MMS who let me know about a fabulous deal from Zoya, I am now adding a color called LEXI to my collection. It's my name, I had to have it! Look how pretty it is!

 Also! Right now, get THREE Zoya polishes for $10 shipped with code ZOYA2013!!!!

I ordered Lexi, of course, and two others that I won't mention yet, because they are for my sister, and she occasionally reads this  ;)

Also, I recently joined Julep, which is similar to birchbox, but just nail polish! I received my first shipment yesterday, so I will post about that later. 


KatiePerk said...

You so need that polish!! I mean it is pretty and named after you!!

Colleen said...

You color actually reminds me of my favorite toe color from Revlon. Actuall not sure what the color is called today but it was Sea Pearl Lilac. Ive used it for more than 20 years but they keep changing or doing away with it. So I have to find something similar.

eas said...

I'm intrigued by Julep now. ...trying to paint my nails more and more because it makes me smile and only takes a few minutes.

Megan said...

I *love* Julep! Since they have so many great shades, my collection is growing at an alarming rate, but it's a fun challenge trying to keep up with all my new polishes. :)

Katelin said...

oh that's a fun color! right now my nails are a mint green and i love it!