Sunday, November 30, 2008

end of the contest

So I really loved all your stories about the best thing you received in the mail. They all made me laugh and smile and I was glad to find that I'm not the only one who loves sending mail. Long live the US Postal System!

On that note, I decided that I couldn't possibly pick just one of you, so you all win! Keeping in the holiday spirit, I will send each of you who sent me a story a little love in the mail.

Comments are being moderated for this post, so please comment with your mailing address, so I can send your treats. I won't allow your address to show, but if you have something else to say, I may allow that to appear :)

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Jackie said...

Oh man, I am so behind on blogs that I missed your contest. I love stationary too, and am giving it to almost every female member in my family this year. I bought it in bulk from Boatman Geller, split it up into sets of ten, and then tied it with ribbon. Hopefully they will like it!