Monday, November 3, 2008

sleepytime please

Why am I so tired? It's not even 7pm and I can barely keep my eyes open. I have pierogi cooking for dinner and I'm afraid I may not last long to eat them. Booo.

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty low-key. Steve was excited to hand out candy at the house, but we got two groups of kids. The first group had about 10 kids; of them, maybe three were in costume. An hour later, two more kids showed up...older though, maybe 8th or 9th grade, also not on costume. They were nice though, and commented on how nice the house is. Just for that, they got extra candy. Also, the less leftover and within my reach, the better.

Really though, what was up with the lack of costumes? Did anyone else experience this? What do you make of it? I always spent weeks contemplating my costume, changing my mind many times. My favorite? I was a pink crayon one year, in a costume made by my mother. I should find a picture...


magda said...

My sisters and I almost always dressed as a theme--one year we were the three blind mice, or the sisters from full house. My all-time favorite, though, was when we went as Fruit of the Loom. I was a banana, someone was grapes and someone else was a strawberry--and mom made giant underwear for us to walk around in. It was HILARIOUS.

I think it's the dark-early-ness that's got me tired tonight; coming out of work I was all, hey, it's not supposed to be this dark! Everyone on the train looked tired, too. It's in the air.

Anonymous said...

(haha, magda. my sister is dressing her whole family as FOTL next year... she's already working on the costumes)

anyway, we didn't get alot of kids but the neighborhood is definitely little ones so they were all in costume.

my mom always made our costumes too. i was lotsa cool things, a lobster, bunny coming out of a hat, but my favorite was when i was a dancing flower (remember those? it was awesome)

Janssen said...

I had to Google pierogi, but it looks delicious! Hope you get to enjoy it!

Sara said...

Do you make your own pierogi? That sounds really yummy!

Maris said...

I used to love dressing up for Halloween! I haven't recently but I definitely did see some hysterical costumes this year.

One year all of the elementary school teachers at my school were was very cute!