Wednesday, November 19, 2008

you know you love me, xoxo

So I'm a bit behind with my tv (LOVE tivo!) and just watched Monday's Gossip Girl. Is it just me or is Jenny really, really awful? She's horrible, horrid, horrific and hateful.

Oh, and her hair? Even worse.



Anonymous said...

her hair, her eye makeup, her Joan Jett wanna-be style, and her attitude... man she's such a drag!

Sarah said...

Jenny sucks! She's so dramatic. I can't stand how she's always like, "This is my ONE chance!"

And I'm like, dude, you're 14.

Lauren said...

They really need to fix Jenny's hair. It's TERRIBLE! At least they got rid of the dark eyeliner.

Ashley D said...

Yes, she is really getting on my nerves lately. Sooo annoying.

suzannah said...

hehe, yeah, jenny the punk rawk poseur totally sucks.

glad another adult cops to watching trashy teen tv!