Monday, May 11, 2009

oh crap

It seems that my gmail account has been compromised and this is the email I use for this blog. Some of you are in my address book, so I do apologize if you got a strange email from me this morning! I've changed the password, so it should be taken care of, right? Should I change my email address too?


Anonymous said...

someone hacked my hotmail account a few months back... i feel your pain. i meant to email you earlier to let you know but i guess you figured it out anyway : )
i don't think you need to change your email address, i didn't anyway and it hasn't happened again.

Mel said...

I'm assuming you saw my DM to you this morning? I was still up at that hour and I thought it was so strange to get an e-mail from you that was so random.

Dang Hackers!