Tuesday, November 3, 2009

assault on Maryland Ave

Yesterday morning, I left my apartment to head to the metro for work. It was cool and crisp, and I was just thinking how nice it was and reminded myself that it is now November, and how much I love November.

I was crossing the street and saw acorns falling all around me. I then thought how funny it would be to get hit in the head with a falling acorn. Next thing I knew,


I got hit in the head with a falling acorn! I couldn't believe it, it was literally ten seconds after I had that thought! It really hurt too.

Clearly I jinxed myself, eh?

I had a headache the rest of the day...do you think it was related?


Rachel H. said...

Ha-Ha! Too funny! This sounds like something that would happen to me! :)

rachel said...

the best and the worst part of fall weather! ( : one landed on my dog this morning on our walk. she was so confused! ( :

Jill said...

OH OUCH... Isn't strange how some things happen right after we think of it?

Mzchef said...

Maybe it's good luck, like it is if a bird poops on you. Love you!

kbreints said...

Oh yeah-- that will hurt... though we have walnuts and hickory nuts dropping in our backyard and when ever you hear that sound of cracking in the trees... you duck and cover!

Think Pink said...

That's a cute header:)