Thursday, November 19, 2009

case of the ex, part two

I am not looking forward to tomorrow.

I am meeting her.

The ex.

The most hated ex (MHE).

Apparently she and her boyfriend are passing through DC tomorrow on their way to North Carolina, and are staying over for the night. At Steve's house, in the guest room. Yes, clearly I will be there too, ensuring that the bedroom doors are securely locked from the inside.

As I've said before, I have no desire whatsoever to know or even meet this girl. None. Yes, she's a friend of his, but I don't need anymore friends, especially not ones who have a past with my boyfriend. I know that I am hardly alone in feeling this way. I don't really want her staying over, but since it is his house, not mine, and I don't even live there, I really don't have much say in the matter.

Apparently she's really looking forward to meeting me.

Sorry, the feeling is not mutual.

Have you ever been in this situation? Any words of wisdom or advice for me?


Heidi said...

be nice :) be overly nice. Kill her with kindness (as much as that might kill you to do)

xox <3

Chef Liz said...

Oh yes, I've been there. I agree with Heidi. Be your amazing sweet self, and it'll be over before you know it. In my experience with these matters, the build up is worse than the actual happening. <3333

Lacey Bean said...

Yes definitely be super nice, and yourself. And remember, YOU'RE with Steve now, not her. For a reason. :)

I've met both of Dave's major exes, and they dont bother me, cause I WON!

Rachel H. said...

Oh yes...I've been there, and it's SO tough! You don't want to be nice, because you don't even want to spend time with someone who has a history with your significant other, and it sucks. I agree, be really nice to her, and you never might end up liking her. :)

Sandra said...

I haven't been in that situation, but I wish you good luck!

Black Labs and Lilly said...

Yikes!!! There is nothing easy about this situation, but when it happend to me I just tried to be nice, and easy going, and once I left I called all my girls to vent!

Good Luck!

Katelin said...

i've met some of matt's exes before and it was never intentional. i admit that's gotta be awkward but i agree with heidi, kill her with kindness, that should do the trick.

Mzchef said...

I think you should boycott. Sulk, don't go.

No,no, I just wanted to write something different than everyone else.

I think killing her with kindness is the best choice.

Or, you could just start drinking early.. then you won't remeber what happens and it won't be your responisibility!!

Ohmygoshi said...

i'm 3 days late, but i'm very curious as to how it all went! post an update!! :)

Cougar Tales said...

OMG. I think I would die. Well, I read your more recent post and noted that you didn't. Well handled!