Tuesday, November 24, 2009

a big winner

I've seen many gratitude posts in the last few weeks, and I intended to play along, but clearly, that hasn't happened, so I thought I'd do them all in one today, since Thanksgiving is a mere two days away. I do try to be thankful year-round, but like most others, I get a bit wrapped up in life and sometimes don't remember how blessed I am.

I came home today and found a Thanksgiving card from my grandmother in my mailbox. Years and years ago, she and my Grandfather began what has become a silly and beloved family tradition of sending five scratch-off lottery tickets to each of us for holidays. Usually, one of us (the five grandchildren) will maybe win a dollar or two. Occasionally I win $2, and it is an exciting moment. Tonight, I scratched off ticket one, and came up empty. Ticket two brought me $2, followed by another $2 on ticket three. Ticket four was another loser, but I was pretty thrilled with my big $4 win, until I got to ticket five.


That means $29 total. So, so exciting.

So, in addition to being thankful for the NH lottery, some of the many thing that I am thankful for include cupcakes and Albanian babies, the DC public library and my sewing machine.

Of course, I am so thankful for my amazing family, friends and boyfriend, but really, I think that goes without saying.

I'm heading to Iowa this afternoon to spend the holiday with Steve's family. I haven't actually been out there in more than a year. We'll go to the Festival of the Trees and visit the Amana Colonies, both of which I adore.

I'm excited.

How will you spend your holiday? What are you thankful for this year?


Mzchef said...

$29, whoo hoo.. that is great!

I like everyother year, when you are home!

Thanksgiving is our kickoff for Christmas!


Rachel H. said...

$29 is a great win!! That's awesome! Wish I could win that much ever! :)

Chef Liz said...

Dude, nice haul with the scratch off! I always love little surprises like that! :-)

We're spending Turkey Day with Patrick's family on the Eastern Shore. I'm contributing four dishes, two breads, and two pies. (I caved: the pies are store bought. I am shamed.)

Then the next day is the Christmas tree lighting in Old Town! :D

Janssen said...

Woohoo, awesome.

Shoshanah said...

My boyfriend's family always puts scratch-off in Christmas stockings. There's always a little competition to see who winds up winning the most money. And I'm pretty sure if I ever scratched off a card with $25 on it, I'd probably win