Monday, January 11, 2010

cupcakes, cupcakes galore!

So Washingtonians, are you aware of the gloriousness that is Curbside Cupcakes? They are a bright pink van that drives all over the city and sells cupcakes out their back door! Earlier today, I saw their tweet that they were parked in front of the Red Cross building. Since that isn't far from my office, I grabbed a co-worker and ran over.

Um, blissful. I adore red velvet cupcakes and this was no exception.

Look at their twitter site and follow them, as they post their locations throughout the day!

The man with the van took our picture to add to their facebook page too! Love it.

Now, my question is did I not come up with this brilliant idea?!


Mrs. Potts said...

I would be in so much trouble if we had a cupcake van that drove around CLT. I'd be the person sprinting down the street to catch up with it.

Anonymous said...

A cupcake van? Love it... Cake beats ice cream anyday!

Katelin said...

cupcakes on the go! that is amazing. love it.

Jill said...

What a GREAT idea!!!!

MCW said...

Traveling food is the best! They keep popping up all over the city!

Maxie said...

I'm just sad they don't park in front of my apartment and hang out there.