Wednesday, January 20, 2010

maybe I'm too sensitive

I got a little annoyed last night. As I'm sure you know, yesterday there was a special election in MA to fill the vacated Senate seat left by the late Ted Kennedy. There were two candidates, a Democrat and a Republican (shocker...I so wish we were a multi-party system, but don't get me started on that!). My facebook status said the following-

Lexilooo hopes that all you Massholes remember to vote!

One friend commented and said "...and not just for Lexilooo's preferred candidate."

Nowhere in my status did I mention either candidate or the one that I prefer. Honestly? I don't know which candidate I prefer. I don't know enough about either to have an educated opinion. I do not, and have never voted for someone purely because of their political party, nor would I, as it isn't right for me. I am technically, registered to one party, yet I do not always vote that way. I vote for the person, not the party, the person that I feel is best for the position. I'm very much an Independent.

In college, I was very involved with campus politics and the state and national chapter for one of the parties. When I moved to DC, I worked on the Hill for a Congressman of that same party. Now, I don't always vote for that party. It depends on the person. People know this about me, it is hardly a secret what I did and how involved I was.

It just annoyed me that this friend (who I rarely talk to, by the way) assumed that I would prefer one over the other, simply because of their party. Maybe I am taking it too seriously, and she meant nothing by the comment, or was joking, but still, I was annoyed. I hate when people make assumptions about me, I really do. I try not to assume anything about people, just because of one thing or another.

Maybe I'm just too sensitive.


Anonymous said...

It was a really hard night and feelings were running high on both sides. I would just chalk it up to that person being a little sore because of the outcome and leave it at that. If you barely talk to them--I don't think you should hold their opinion of you in that much esteem!

Anonymous said...

like the commenter above i wouldn't take it too personally. i figure half of the people who say "GET OUT AND VOTE!" are saying that because they honestly just want people to exercise their rights and the other half are assuming people will vote for the candidate they're hoping to get into office so they need them to get out there and place that vote. apparently this friend was in the latter, no big whoop

Mandy's Life After 30 said...

I'm with you Lexi. I'm definitely more of an Independent even though I registered with a party. Sounds like your FB "friend" is the sensitive one. I'll admit it though - I get really sick of seeing everyone's political views and causes on their FB statuses. But it's their page, right? Just like it's your page and you should say whatever the hell you want! I vote that your "friend" is an insensitive loser and should be ignored or blocked from future posts. :)

Christina said...

honestly I am with you on the comment. Mostly because what your fb status said was a generic statement, and really should have been left as such.

But I have to conceed that the constant barrage of phone calls, mailers, tv ads, radio ads, ALL OF WHICH only increased in volume as we got nearer to the special election was overwhelming. Quite frankly it was bordering on stalkerish.

The poltical climate up here became so keyed up that Scott & I (who love to talk politics) started avoiding the subject entirely. As anytime it was brough up by friends or loved ones it became a heated argument. Not debate full out argument.... which in talking with many colleagues we found was happening all over the commonwealth.

So I will concede that I am annoyed when someone like your friend just jumps to a conclusions that you MUST be for x, and makes a joke suggestion your not vote for x.

It's really intolarant, and small minded of that person to assume.

And this masshole, for one, has seen enough of that mindset displayed in the commonwealth to last a lifetime. I hope to never again see people act this nastily towards each other.

But as I cannot change human nature, I will console myself with the fact that we have 3 years until this senate seat is up for election again. Perhaps by then the officials, and residents of this state will have remembered their manners.

Suzanne said...

Aren't politics messy, I think alot of people forget their manners during elections. I am from MA and admit I am glad to see the Dems get a bit of an upset, keep them on their toes:-) We're all entitled to our own opinions aren't we:-)