Monday, January 4, 2010

how to frame a bead

I was doing some cleaning and organizing last night (so much more to do!) and found a stack of letters from Majlinda in Albania. With the letters was the gift she sent me last year and I was reminded that I never did anything with it.

I think that the best thing would be to frame it. I don't want to put it flat on a table, because I am afraid of the beads cracking and/or breaking off, and I'd be so sad if something happened to it. If I frame it, I can hang it on the wall and everyone can see it, and it will be safe. There are many places around here to get things matted and framed, but they are expensive. Have you ever been to Michael's to have something framed? I think they frame things there, and I would imagine their prices aren't bad, but I still want it to look nice!

I love that store anyway, but have never had something like this done there. Have you? Advice?


Anonymous said...

much like you i worry that most employees at any store don't care about my precious keepsake as much as i do and therefore wouldn't handle it appropriately, so no, i haven't had anything framed there.
i'd recommend getting a picture box frame and just putting it in there yourself... you could also put one of her letters behind it or something like that. i always pick them up from Marshalls etc. but you should be able to find them at Michael's, Kohl's, somewhere like that too
good luck!

Jill said...

Hmmm... it might be too big for this but you could do a shawdow box. You could also include photos and some of her letters.