Tuesday, January 26, 2010

wine and cake...what's better than that?

As part of birthday festivities at one of my favorite Virginia wineries, Steve bought me a red velvet cake from Cake Love, one of my favorite bakeries in DC. They were ahead of the cupcake trend- they have cupcakes, yes, but also cakes and pies and all sorts of amazingness. Across the street from the bakery, they have a little shop with a cupcake bar where you can choose your cup, icing and toppings! So fun. Come to DC, I'll take you there :) The owner wrote a cookbook, and I have a signed copy of his book!

Here is yours truly with my cake. Yes, I shared!

Once everyone was leaving, Steve packed everything into the car. When I got home, I opened the box, and this is what I found---

Confession- I may, on occasion, leave a bar with the glass I had been drinking from. When I was in Krakow, one of my friends and I would have a contest to see who could leave with the most glasses. I think our record was nine glasses- that included two pint glasses, shot glasses and others, all stacked inside one another, very, very carefully! Yes, I managed to get them all back with me and now I have some very cool pint glasses from Poland.
When you go to these wineries, they (most of the time) let you keep your glass as a souvenier. Of course, we acquired several glasses throughout the afternoon and along with these in the cake box, I found a few more in one of the gift bags holding a present or two, and I know I saw a few in the backseat of Steve's car. Oooops.
Need a wine glass? Leave a comment and tell me your favorite kind of both red and white wine. I'll randomly pick someone on Friday (January 29) and send them a glass or two, and maybe another goodie, who knows!


Anonymous said...

Oh Cake Love. I puffy heart Cake Love....I am hoping the husband will indulge my sweet tooth for Valentine's Day. I should start dropping hints!

What kind of cake was that? It looks like red velvet?

Rachel said...

That looks like a fantastic birthday! I personally am really picky about red wine, but whites? LOVE. I like rieslings and sauv blancs :)

Kathleen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! ...the cake looks soooo good.

Ohmygoshi said...

That cake looks delicious!! I'm a big fan of white wine ;)

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday! I love the cupcake bar idea. I wish St. Louis had one of those!

Jennifer said...

What a cute idea for a bakery! I would love to go to the Cupcake Bar with you if I ever make it to D.C.! Happy Happy Birthday!

Mrs. Potts said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! That cake looks so wonderful. :) I used to abscond with glasses too!

My favorite red wine is a Malbec or Montsat (Mas Donis to be specific).
I like white wine in the summer & prefer a Chardonnay or a crisp Sauvignon Blanc.

Katelin said...

you glass stealers, you, haha too funny. but man now i really want some of that cake, it looks delicious!

Jill said...

Ha Ha... love the story about wine glasses. I have a friend that used to "collect" steak knives.

Anonymous said...

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red wine glasses said...

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kbreints said...

What a great cake! ... hilarious that you have the wine glasses ;)

Rachel H. said...

That cake looks awesome!! Yummy!!

Mandy's Life After 30 said...

Oh, great photos and what a great birthday for you Lexi! Looks fun and tasty. I've been known to "accidentally" take a pint glass or two (or even a dip bowl, LOL) in my younger days. :-P

My fave red wine - Hands down is Bordeaux. The 2007 Mouton Cadet brand is what we have on stock by the case these days.

My fave white wine - Pinot Grigio, Robert Mondavi brand is good.

Anonymous said...

I'll play along with you...my favorite red wine is Pinot Noir....have a great birthday week!

Anonymous said...

That is so funny! Happy belated Birthday!

Not a huge red fan but I loved Simi's red....not sure the full name but it was good!

For white I love Ballet of Angels which is by a local winery.

Lacey Bean said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday!! And basically every pint glass in my house came from a bar. If we like it, it somehow winds up in my purse....