Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the dreamy dress is mine!

Remember this post, where I professed my love for the dress of my dreams? I was unsure as to if I should spend the $128 on its Anthropologie tag, but then decided to, thinking how much I loved it and knew I'd wear it to many events.

Imagine my dismay when I discover that it is sold out in stores and online.


I was a bit sad, but hey, what can you do...

You can go to ebay of course! So I searched for it on ebay, didn't see it, but added it to my "watch list" so that whenever someone listed something matching the description, I'd get an email letting me know. From time to time, I got such an email, though usually it was the other color (it also came in a cream color) or the wrong size. Then, right before Christmas, I got an email saying that my size and my color was listed!


I watched it and watched it, not bidding until the end. Then I realized that the sale ended when I was in Iowa. When I say that I was in Iowa, I mean that I was literally flying over Iowa! So, I asked one of my best girls if she'd bid for me, which she did, and she WON!!!!


Oh, and I won for only $81 shipped!!!

She mailed it to me last week and it arrived yesterday and I am IN LOVE.

I have four weddings this year, and I am pretty sure I'll be wearing it to each of them, including bridal showers!

Are you going to any weddings this year? Can I come as your date and wear my pretty dress? :)


Ohmygoshi said...

Congrats, girl! Nothing beats getting the dream dress cheaper than it was originally listed!! :)

Mzchef said...

that is fabulous!