Wednesday, February 3, 2010

snowy city

I woke up to this outside my window this morning:

Pretty, yes, but I was hoping for a snow day! No such luck, I'm at work :(
I did hear that we may get a foot of snow on Saturday!
I need to invest in some new boots. The ones I have are not that great. Any recommendations?


Anonymous said...

i've always been a Columbia Bugabootoos kinda girl. they're my favorites! of course my last pair i had for years and then they dry-rotted because i moved to VA and they hadn't seen snow in over 5 years. but if you use them at least once a year they last forever.

Mrs. Moore said...

chica, i was disappointed, too! It was definitely the MOST beautiful view I've seen within the last 3 months!

Katelin said...

oh that does look fun, i miss the snow!

Football & Fried Rice said...

Traveling the world, AND to Iowa?? Wow - I admire you! lol! We are actually FROM Iowa City - right down the road from where your boyfriend is from - but now we are outside of the state capital, Des Moines!

Iowa is a nice place to be FROM. Not necessarily to LIVE :)

The girl who does the jewelry is from just outside of Cedar Rapids - small world!

Wearing Mascara said...

I hear ya about the boots. The only ones I have are rain wellies but they aren't warm enough! I don't have any recommendations other than to check They have some cute stuff always! Maybe you can find something on sale :-)

Jill said...

How pretty! I can't believe you didn't get a snow day. If it snowed like that in TX, everything would close and the media would freak out.

Classy in Philadelphia said...

You work for the govt? Haven't you had a snow day for like the last week?!

Jealous, except I'm not loving this blizzard right now :(