Friday, February 12, 2010

hello little birdie!

As you may have heard, DC was hit with a whopper of a snowstorm this week. We have somewhere in the vicinity of two feet, and supposedly more on the way on Monday. The federal government was closed much of the week, so I had a few unexpected snow days!

I was mostly at Steve's, and was watching a few episodes of Law and Order: SVU and I noticed a gorgeous red cardinal on a branch outside the window. I thought of my parents, as they both like seeing birds outside their windows. I wouldn't call them bird watchers, but they do have a few cute bird houses and can recognize many different kinds of birds. So then I told Steve that I want a bird house for the lawn, and of course, turned to etsy!

I obviously need this one-

and this-

And isn't this cute?

Do you like bird houses? Does anything decorate your yard?


Jill said...

Great choices. I'm with you on #1, very cute. I don't decorate my yard b/c it's so blasted hot in Texas but I love a pretty yard.

Janssen said...

Love that little cup. How darling.