Wednesday, March 3, 2010

boys don't make passes on girls who wear glasses

Yesterday afternoon I was on my way home from work, and was on the escalator up from the metro. There was a man a few steps ahead of me who kept turning around and looking at me. Finally, he said "nice glasses!" I was so surprised, I didn't know what to say other than "thanks?" He continued to try to have a conversastion with me, but I was so perplexed that I didn't really respond and then walked away.

What was funny about it, was this past weekend, I was home in NH, and nearly had a heart attack because I thought I lost my glasses. I had left them on the kitchen table, and my mother picked them up and put them in her bag, thinking they were hers, as they are very similar looking. This led into a lengthy conversation about how old my glasses are (very) and how long it has been since I've been to the eye doctor (long). My deep fear of the eye doctor is a story for another day.

It was just such a random comment. "Nice glasses." Is this some sort of new pickup line that I am not aware of?!



Sommelier0124 said...

for some guys it is it like the "nice shoes" line. Something safe to complement a pretty girl, and in this case something that probably accents her face rather charmingly!

Don't forget there are men out there who do find glasses very attractive! My hubby happens to be one of them!

an orange county girl said...

hmmm...i'm OBSESSED with eyeglass frames so i often compliment people if their frames are cute. this is often followed up with "what designer?" and "where did you get those?"

however, it sounds like he was trying to talk to you and that was his opening line, which is sweet (and by sweet i mean it could've been much worse).

so...since your frames are cute, how about a photo? :)

Sara said...

Okay, so you've got to share with me your "deep fear of the eye doctor." I am married to one! ;)