Monday, March 8, 2010

library love

As you know, I am a lover of anthropologie, so it would make sense that I follow them on twitter. Recently, they tweeted about library love, in the form of card catalog pulls.

I'm pretty much in love with them.

When I was there the other week, I picked one up. Adorable, yes?

My plan is to find a dresser/nightstand, maybe on craigslist and use these as the drawer pulls. I'd like something with a shabby chic/antique look to it. I'm not a huge DIYer, but I think it would be cute!

I'd also LOVE to find an actual old library card catalog too. I see those from time to time on craigslist, but they are usually pretty pricy, around $800 or so. I saw one recently not far from here for only $200, but when I emailed the owner, I never got a reply. Oh well, I'll keep looking! I think it would be such a stunning piece for a living room.

I know just where I'd put it too...


Janssen said...

Those are just awesome!

kay said...

great find! those are great and would look great on a night stand as you said!One of my favorite things to do is on a Sunday go to antique stores or thrift shops and just browse, you may find some small tables that way, Good luck,