Wednesday, March 10, 2010

more anthroloveologie

I promise, I won't be posting about my love of anthropologie all the time!

As I said, I was there a few weeks ago with some birthday money, so I picked up a few things, almost all on the clearance bin!

First, these cute bowls. They were a whopping $3.99 each. The plan is to keep necklaces in them, and they will go on my dresser, which really needs to be cleaned off. In my little apartment, I have a tiny room off to one corner that I call the nook, because it isn't big enough to do much with, but my dresser fits nicely in there. Other than that, it collects junk that seems to have nowhere else to go, but I need to do some serious purging (anyone want some stationary? seriously, I'll send you a bundle! I have so much more than I use!) Once I clean off the dresser, I have ideas, and these cute little bowls fit nicely with the ideas :)

With the necklaces inside-

Okay, these were not on the clearance bin, but I have been lusting after these babushka measuring cups forever. Really, what's not to love about these sweet faces?!

This is a candle snuffer! The photo quality isn't great, but at the end (bottom left corner) is a little owl! Too cute, and only $9.99!

These are fun measuring spoons (they kind of match the bowls!) that were a steal at $7.99!

Have you found any good deals at anthro lately???


rebeccaj said...

this is the plan for my new blog! all anthro love, all the time. well, on a budget. love the stuff you picked up!

Anonymous said...

you're killing me with this anthropologie stuff. I love everything they have, I'm pretty sure, but of course it's way out of my budget most of the time! My sister got me those measuring cups for Christmas. They're precious, and I love looking at them (and doubt I'll ever actually use them!).

Mel said...

Anthropologie.... I've learned to stay out of there b/c its dangerous.

Send me something and I will send you something back... ;)

kbreints said...

I love the bowls you used for the necklaces-- I need something like this!


I have been looking for nesting doll measuring cups and couldn't find them anywhere. Do u know if they have them online?

midnight macaroons said...

Wow! I love your measuring cups. Those are fantastic. I like everything you picked out. And you got some amazing deals.

That English tea shop you previously posted on looks fabulous. That's a great picture of you mixing your loose tea.

Anonymous said...

Love your anthro stuff! I finally went to the store for the first time and bought these cute blue bird salt & pepper shakers on clearance for $3.99. Adorable! I have to take photos.

Love that nesting doll measuring set.

Meg said...

Oh, wow, I love anthropologie. Those nesting doll measuring cups are adorable! And I love the bowls for housing your necklaces -- quite crafty. :) My jewelry is in such a state of disarray, I definitely need to find a new system for housing it all!

Shoshanah said...

Those are measuring cups! I never would have guessed! How much fun!

Kathleen said...

I'll trade you quilting service on one quilt for your stationery :)