Monday, March 1, 2010

making a statement

I'll admit; I'm not the biggest fashion queen out there. The wardrobe consists of a good deal of Gap, Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic, J Crew, Old Navy, etc. I love and adore Anthropologie, but most days, I can't afford to shop outside of their clearance rack, and some days, even that is out of my budget! Still though, I've been thinking a lot about this lately, because I feel like I don't have a style. Some are preppy, some are trendy, some are bohemian, etc. I'm not too sure which category I fall into, and this, of course, may be a good thing, but I'd still like to feel like I have some sort of style, because most days, I feel like I fail!

I've seen many people who plan out their outfits for the week, and I've tried that, but it just doesn't seem to work for me. Most days, I plan it in my head while in the shower, but inevitably, change my mind at least twice before leaving my closet!

I saw this article, which I found very interesting. In it, the interviewee, who works for Lilly Pulitzer, discusses how she is drawn to pieces that are bold and make a statement. In high school, I had a friend who had a pair of bright orange shoes that she wore often (this was especially daring, considering the uniform we wore- orange and black watch plaid is risky!). My father remembers her for these shoes, and still asks about her today, even though I haven't seen her in ten years! I wouldn't say that I am often drawn to pieces like that, but I like how she talks about pairing one eye-catching piece with toned-down others in order not to overwhelm others. Lately I've purchased a few chunky beaded necklaces (from etsy, of course!), so I think I am going to try this approach. I'd like to feel like I look put together, especially at work, and I rarely feel this way. I see others in the hallways or the cafeteria and think how great their outfit looks, and think how I could do that, yet somehow, I can't get it to work for me :)

How would you describe your wardrobe and style? How would you change it, if you could?


Anonymous said...

my wardrobe would either have to be defined as "plain" or "blah". it's that boring. i wear dresses or jeans with a top. that's pretty much it. i suck at accessorizing but i SO want to be good at it (i have an entire post in drafts about this : )
i feel your pain... i have no defined style either but overall i think we clean up well : )

midnight macaroons said...

I often felt like you described regarding my wardrobe in my twenties. I'm sure you would have laughed if you had seen some of the outfits I purchased. I was a fashion mess. I had no clue what style was so I made a lot of fashion faux mistakes.

After a trip to Paris I wanted to dress like the French women I observed. I started buying books on French fashion and learned much. Now when I go shopping I know exactly what to buy and stay away from. One rule I learned is to start off with your basics and build by accessories.

An example, I wore a black turtle neck, black slacks, black pumps, and wore a fantastic ivory and black coat yesterday to the ballet. I pulled my hair back with a black leather headband and wore big pearl earrings. I received a ton of compliments from men and women on my outift. I was also able to get ready less than 30 minutes. I would have never been able to pull that off 5 years ago.

I liked the story of your friend's orange shoes.

Anonymous said...

Hm, back in the day I had a pair of pink chunky heel penny loafers with green, yellow, blue, and purple swirls on it. Kind of like a multicolored gumball. My dad called them my Elton John shoes.

I think my style is much more classic than it was back in the day. I wear a lot of Express jeans, skinny or boot cut jeans with a plain v-neck shirt, cardigans, for work I wear Express slacks, no name brand stuff, ruffle cardigans, plain v-neck shirts, ballet flats, solid colored turtlenecks, really simple and boring. I always wear pearls or diamond earrings to "accessorize". I feel like I look boring!

Meg said...

I'm just starting to come into my own, fashion-wise! I struggle greatly with my casual, non-work wardrobe... mostly because I'm dressed up about 75 percent of the time for work.

I'm a big believer in wearing one bold "conversation" piece... in my case, it's usually a fun necklace or big earrings. I've started wearing skirts and dresses a few times a week with leggings and boots, while it's still cold, and absolutely love the way I feel in them! I always felt awkward in dresses but am seeing how fun and fashionable they can be.

I'm getting really into random accessories, too, like fun bow headbands and colorful brooches! I typically wear solid, non-print clothing -- like a gray pencil skirt, black top, black tights and black heels -- and then pop it with a bright red belt or red sweater. I've been getting far more compliments than usual lately and am loving it. :)

You'll find your style! Just keep trying and experimenting!! :)

Sara said...

Me, too. Me, too. & me, too. Seriously.

I gravitate toward classic, preppy styles, but for the longest, I couldn't break out of black, gray, & navy pieces. I am also drawn to bold eye-catching fabrics&patterns, but I am tiny, & I don't like to overwhelm my frame with them. The older I get, the better I get at accenting one bold piece, or knowing what works for my frame.

I have loyalty to certain designers&shops, but I am not sure you'd walk into my closet & declare one "style." I have bohemian, classic, dressy, feminine, preppy. It's all me!