Tuesday, May 4, 2010

bake a cake, store some wine?

My apartment is so tiny, but it seems that I have no place to keep anything! I've been looking at tv stands because my tv is currently sitting on a small end table! I think I like the hutch-style the best!

Have you ever used Le Creuset cookware? They have such amazing products, I think, though I will admit, I've never owned any myself! This week, I baked several times for work, and realized that I am in need of new baking and cookware! Most of what I have is hand-me-downs, it seems. I suppose I can register for nice things if I ever get engaged, but that is another story ;)

I was contacted by CSN Stores with this promotional opportunity, which I am so excited about. They have more than 200 stores, did you know that? Need a new tv stand? How about something funky? Bar stools! I could disply my quilts on the blanket racks they have or show off my cookbooks and Polish pottery on a bakers rack.

If I can ever decide what I should get, I will be reviewing it, for your entertainment ;)

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