Wednesday, May 26, 2010

dresses on the brain!

I swear, I'm not really a shopaholic, despite what you may think, based on recent posts about dresses :)

Last night, I decided to walk home (or most of the way anyway!), from my office in Foggy Bottom to Chinatown. It is a very pleasant walk; it takes me past DAR Constitution Hall and the Red Cross building, then by the White House (where I kindly snapped a picture of a tourist family- karma!) (also unlocked the historian badge on foursquare! obsessed with 4sq...). I walked through Metro Center and stopped at H&M and found this gem of a dress---

It was $35. What do you think?

It isn't as short as it may appear- it is just above the knees, but totally work appropriate. My mother asked me how short it was when I texted her the picture, haha.

Do we like the belt? Do I keep the silver buckle to the side? Or move it to the middle?

Not sure what shoes I will wear with it- likely red, and likely heels, but maybe flats. Unsure.

Keep or return?


Elizabeths Attic said...

Love the blue spots but not sure about the belt but then again I am over 50 and maybe red belts are this years in thing... but as your mother would say 'are you sure it is not too short?' have a great day.
Beverley x

dating diva said...

I like this dress, but I think the one from the previous post is better. If you do go with this one I would keep the belt buckle on the side. Hope the wedding is a blast!


Sweet Dee

Jill said...

Shot... $35!?! What a deal and I love the belt. Show that little waist, girl!