Saturday, May 22, 2010

sewing Saturday!

Today I am taking a quilting class at the Jinny Beyer Studio, out in Great Falls, VA, so last night I decided to do a little practice, and just made this small table topper-

It's cute, just about 12" x 8." It could be a little table topper, as I am calling it, or could certainly be a small doll quilt! I've made a few of a similar size, one very similar to this, and then a few other doll quilts (here and here).
I'm looking forward to class, because while I know how to do some things, I still need a lot of help with my binding (the binding is the colored fabric around the edge of the quilt, to hold it all together), because I can't do the corners well at all!
I'll report back about the class, and post pictures of my creation :)
How is your Saturday?


Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to learn how to quilt! Good for you!! :) I can't wait to see other pictures!!

Rita said...
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Valerie and Jeff said...

I love your quilt! I hope your class goes super well today. I'm looking forward to my next quilting magazine when it comes any day now in the mail (fingers crossed!)--unfortunately no classes will work for me right now. I just ran into a GREAT deal on fabric though and I can't wait to use it! Keep us posted on your newest creations!

P.S. Sorry about the above deleted comment, I was signed in under the Blessingsahundredfold Account for the fundraiser. ACK!