Friday, May 7, 2010

to China with love

I know that I haven't mentioned this yet, but I recently began sponsoring a little girl called Jenna! Look how precious she is---
Jenna lives at the New Day Foster Home in Beijing, China. Jenna was born on July 12, 2004 and that same day, she was abandoned in the yard of a local church. She has been at New Day for about a month now. When she first arrived there, she didn't speak. They didn't think that she couldn't speak, but just wasn't speaking, from living through the multiple transitions that have occured in her short life. Just yesterday morning though, I read on
New Day's blog that Jenna spoke!

She said the Chinese words for dirty, cat, want, and car, and she said Dad and no in English.

Nothing short of wonderful, I'd say.

I've learned of New Day through Jill's blog. Jill has volunteered at New Day, and also sponsors a little girl there. Volunteering there is something that I would really like to do in the future, more than once, I hope! Through Jill's blog, I've found many other bloggers who sponsor children at New Day, and some who have adopted from there also!

Of course, this sponsorship is a bit different from World Vision. My hopes and prayers are that Jenna will soon be adopted by a loving family, whereas Majlinda in Albania and Boikokobetso in South Africa are with their familes.

All three of them are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

Do you have a child somewhere that you sponsor?


Elizabeth said...

I don't have a child that I sponsor, but I must say that after reading your many posts about it I am seriously considering it. My only dilemma is choosing among the many kids that need it. For a first-timer, would you recommend World Vision or New Day? Both look like great programs.

Meg said...

Lexi, I'm so inspired by all your posts regarding child sponsorship... something that, honestly, I'd never taken seriously before. I don't want to sound like an idiot, but I really wondered if it was legit... especially after seeing all those late-night "help a child in need!" commercials.

Someday, maybe you could write a post about "Sponsorship For Beginners" or something? Or maybe you already have? I'm with Elizabeth: a helpful guide for first-timers would be awesome. I trust your opinion more than what's already circulating around online. :)

Tara Anderson said...

Jenna is a DOLL!!! I'm so glad you're sponsoring her! And I noticed that Valerie already made you a button for your blog...I love it!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Lexi, what a wonderful heart you have!! Thank you for sharing your passion with us.. it's such a wonderful thing you're doing- and Jenna is definitely reaping the blessings from you. You both are so lucky!

I'd never considered this before... but maybe we will now!

Happy Weekend!!

Miss Janice said...

I know Melissa at MCCDesigns sponsors a little girl and your posts is very inspiring...featuring this precious little girl. This is such a great thing you are doing!!!

midnight macaroons said...

Jenna is so sweet. I'm so happy that she has started to speak. I'm sure she'll grow into a very strong character and accomplish many great things in her life.

I sponsor two children. Eduardo lives in Brazil. We started sponsoring him when he was 3. He's turning 5 next month. We also sponsor Gayanne. She lives in Armenia. She's a beautiful little girl. She was 4 when we started sponsoring her and now she's turning 7. They are big blessings to our lives.

Maris said...

Oh this is relly sweet! So selfless and inspiring. Does Jenna know you're sponsoring her? Would be so great for you to meet some day.

Jennifer said...

We've sponsored a child through World Vision the past 5 years but I am not completely happy with World Vision. We are considering moving to Compassion International.

Kathleen said...

...what a sweetheart!

Jill said...

Oh Lexi!!! I got your comment about sponsoring a child from New Day... I'm so happy for you. It's so rewarding and I know you have already and you'll continue to inspire others to sponsor a kiddo.

I've read about sweet Jenna's story on New Day's blog. What a precious child.