Monday, August 10, 2009

birthdays and such

Steve's birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I have no idea what to get him.

I feel like this happens every birthday/holiday, probably because it does! I am so bad at presents, I never know what to get anyone! It isn't as though it's just him...I am the same way with friends and family! I have tons of ideas, but can never narrow it down.

He's not picky, and I feel like I need to be creative, but at the same time, it's hard. I don't really get him gadgets, because he has several, and I never know which ones, (ha!) and don't want to repeat something. He's not a huge sports person, so tickets to a game or event wouldn't really work for him. Usually I try to do something fun- last Christmas, I bought him several things, and enrolled him in the beer of the month club, which he is still enjoying! I can't remember what I got him for his last birthday! His birthday is three days after our anniversary, and this year, we will be in upstate NY the week prior for a wedding (Labor Day weekend) and will probably spend a few days there. We are thinking of going to Niagara Falls while up there, and a few wineries in the area, so it will be a mini vacation.

Am I an awful girlfriend for having no idea what to get him? What did you get your S.O. for his last birthday/Christmas?


Anonymous said...

gifting is my favorite thing, but it can be really really tough.
for M we don't do christmas gifts so that's easy for me but i love his birthday. i was going to get him skydiving one year but he got it for me first but that's a good one. in the past i've gotten him engraved knives (the one he carried every single day but his blade was getting dull), private shooting range memberhsips, cooking classes, hmm, what else?
maybe try to find something to do while you're up in NY and don't tell him about it. hot air balloon ride? i dunno, good luck!

Christy said...

Dinner out, a night in a fancy hotel, concert tix, gift card to omaha steaks, a set of movies he loves...I love gifting!

Mandy said...

Spending time together is the best gift if you can't find a "thing" to give your loved one, in my opinion. I only like gift giving if I can come up with something really special or unique. But that doesn't happen too often (with full time job, mom, wife and other duties as assigned). Otherwise, it's just looking through piles of crap in the store that really have no meaning for the receiver or for you. Sure it's wonderful if you happen to remember some obscure thing he/she said from weeks ago or months ago that was wanted/needed. Otherwise, it's a crap shoot. Perhaps just a night in with a homemake cake, some wine and a good movie is all he needs. You know him best. Maybe he just wants you gift-wrapped and nothing else. :-)

Mel said...

I am all about electronics and so is LJ. I gave him a sirius satellite radio that has a record function. A little pricey but he uses it everyday and loves it.

He got me a chumby (google it) and I love it because its better than an alarm clock and it gives me my days outlooks and there are a lot of widgets that you can program for free on it.

I also flew us to his hometown for thanksgiving last year (his birthday is the same week or on thanksgiving) and he loved that becuase it shows that his family is important to me.

His 30th birthday is in November and we are planning a Vegas trip against his will. I already have his next gift planned but I have to wait till I can afford it so it may have to wait till our next anniversary.

Is there anything collectible he may like? Experiences are the best gifts that way you don't end up with a pile of stuff that he is never going to use. Or a really fancy dinner. Yum!

Princess Freckles said...

My fiance is hard to shop for too. Sometimes I have no problem, but other times its harder. This past year, I bought him an iPhone for his birthday. He was due for an upgrade and it worked out perfectly. Another year, I bought him a grill. We always go out for a nice dinner to celebrate too. have a fun trip!

Barefoot in the Park said...

i feel the same way! the badger's birthday is coming up ... i've got a cookbook on the agenda thus far and perhaps a pair of sunglasses!

Flores Hayes said...

Happy Birthday to Steve!!!
Flor (

Rachel H. said...

Don't worry...I'm terrible at picking out gifts too! I have such a hard time with it, and I had trying to make a decision! People have had some great ideas, so hopefully that'll help. I second a gift card t omaha steaks! They are delicious! You can't go wrong with that!

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

I never know what to get my guy. He likes practical, and I like sentimental, so we're always at odds about gifts!