Friday, August 21, 2009

hair, there, everywhere

I have a confession.

I don't like getting my hair cut. In fact, it makes me very, very nervous. I'm never happy with the results and my hair grows so slowly that I feel like it looks awful for weeks after I cut it. I get really frustrated because I feel like the stylist never listens to me at all and my hair never looks the way I want it to. This is not an exaggeration, but the last time I cut my hair was January of 2008. As in, more than a year and a half ago. There is a place around the corner from where I used to work that was running a special where you could get your hair cut and highlighted for a certain price, so I decided to try that. I liked the highlights, but didn't like the cut. I ended up looking like a soccer mom, which wasn't the look I was going for.

The absolute best haircut I've ever had was in Krakow. Seriously. The girl spoke little English, so I basically said "trochÄ™ tutaj," meaning "a little here," and she picked up a handful of my hair and said "curly!" I agreed and she said "okay, today, it goes straight." So, she cut and highlighted it, blewdry and flat ironed it. It was awesome and hasn't looked that good since.

(not sure if you can tell, but my highlights were magenta! it was very stylish in Poland at the time)
(see how cute my kitchen was!)
(best part? hair cut, style and tip was only $25. I love Poland and I miss Beata)

After that, I straightened it every day for the next five or so years, until one day last summer when I decided not to, and haven't since. However, it's not looking too good these days and I need to do something with it! It's longer, it's nearly at my shoulders and curly. You know this, you've seen other photos. I know I should cut it, but I am afraid that too much will be taken off, and I am finally getting it to grow a bit longer!

Where do you get your haircut and how do you feel about your stylist? If you have crazy curly hair, what do you use in it?


Mandy said...

I feel your pain, especially from moving around and living in different areas.

What I do is this - (1) I ask for referrals from people I meet and trust. Or (2) I see someone with a fabulous cut/style and I ask them where they get their haircut.

I think the key is consistency. If you see someone more than once and their hair always looks great, then find out where that person is going. You may have to pay more but it's your hair - it's worth it! Good luck to you in finding someone who makes you look and feel great!

P.s. - I've gone almost a year without cutting my hair too, especially in college. I do it about every four months now.

Jess said...

I have posted on my blog about my stylist angst in the past. I had a great stylist in DC. He temporarily retired and I was distraught. Then he came back and I was thrilled, but then I moved. Luckily I have now found a great stylist in Denver so I don't have to be nervous anymore.

I use a product called Goldwell Curl Kick in my hair. It works great for me but I used it in a friend's curly hair once and it didn't work at all for her.

Jill said...

Who would've guessed the best haircut was in Poland? That's a great story and $25... what a deal.

I go to a guy in San Antonio for cuts and color. He's not fancy or expensive but he does a great job. I just hate to spend a lot on my hair when I could buy a new dress or hit Hobby Lobby. :)

You're SO lucky that you can go so long without a cut. Ohh... I wish I could.

Mel said...

i have wavy hair and have had some bad hair cuts over the years until I met my current stylist.

I love your hair straight have you tried morrocan oil? i love it!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I love getting my haircut, but definitely nervous with a new stylist! So, I try and stick with the same person if I was pleased with her the previous time/times!