Friday, August 21, 2009

monogram this

How do you feel about monograms? I used to have a lot of monogrammed things when I was younger, but got a bit out of it, though have been really liking them a lot more lately. My aunt was always really into it, often giving us mongrammed bags, things like that.

As you know, I went to a bridal shower last weekend and for the first time ever, I bought a gift off of the registry! I am so anti-registry, but that is an entirely different story for another day :) On theirs, they had a set of monogrammed coasters that were made of sandstone and really lovely, so I bought them. Turns out, even though I had the store (Bed, Bath and Beyond) mark them as purchased, she still opened another set. Oh well, having eight monogrammed coasters isn't bad, is it? Are't they pretty?

A few years ago, I was a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding. For our bridesmaid gift, she gave us each a little silver jewelry box and a silver bracelet with a charm that was the first letter of our name. The box was engraved with our initials. I looked at mine, confused, because she hadn't engraved mine correctly. She had my initials as LGD, whereas, my initials are AGD. Lexi is a nickname that most of the world uses, and I am fine with, but it isn't my initial! When I asked her about it, she said she did that on purpose, because she always calls me Lexi, not my actual name. She also said that her mother questioned the same thing and said that despite what she calls me, Lexi still isn't my given name!

I use the box to keep earrings in (it's an oblong shape, not too much would fit inside), but haven't worn the L charm bracelet since. Is that awful of me? It's lovely and all, but I mainly don't wear it because I am not much of a bracelet person in general.

Do you have a lot of monogrammed items? What is your favorite?


Jennifer said...

I personally love a monogram. They look very classy. I don't blame you for not wearing the bracelet. I would be a little annoyed about that too. She should have stuck to tradition.

LindzML said...

I like monograms on stationary. That's it, though as someone getting married...I HAVE to disagree with you on the whole registry thing. :)

Shoshanah said...

I can't say that I really have any monogrammed items. I do like them, but I don't think my mom was a big fan, so she never bought me any. And I've just never gone out of my way to buy any myself.

Maris said...

It depends what...something like stationary, yes. A bag, no.

And i think it's very strange that she wrote your initial as L. It sounds kind of like she forgot that Lexi isn't your given name! Hehe

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I LOVE monograms and add them to everything possible. But I agree that L is not your "letter.". It wouldn't bother me in a single initial bracelet as much as it would in a full monogram.

preppyinnewengland said...

I love monograms! A single letter or all 3. Either way, there are so many fonts to choose from as well.
Monogrammed items are so classy.