Monday, August 3, 2009

weekend fail

I really get frustrated with myself sometimes. I had a lot of work to do this weekend and I got little of it done. My final two classes end next week, as in August 14. For one of them, I need to design a program bringing a group of professionals here to the U.S. for a short-term exchange. For the other class, I have to dissect a research article. This was a good weekend to get a lot of that work done, as Steve was out of town, as were several friends. I turned down plans with a few other friends because I said I had so much work to do, which was true.

I found the article to dissect and read it, though didn't really pull out the info that I need. I did about half of the other project, though certainly could have finished.

What else did I do this weekend instead?

  • baked peach muffins
  • made two potholders, three coasters and began two more baby quilts (until I ran out of thread)
  • organized my fabric collection
  • threw out about four zillion magazines that have lived under my bed for who knows how long
  • became facebook friends with an ex
  • made a salmon steak and asparagus for dinner
  • returned overdue library books (oooops)
  • spoke to my grandmother
  • spoke to my mother about eight times
  • spoke to Steve about eighteen times
  • read two cookbooks
  • finished a book called Girls in Trucks
  • and other varied activities, few of which involved school
I really didn't even leave the apartment either! I had plans to run a few errands, but I talked myself out of it, saying that I needed to stay home and do my schoolwork.

It just annoys me that I seem to have no attention span. All day today, my notes for one class were sitting on my bed, right next to my laptop, as a glaring reminder of what I needed, yet failed, to do.

Does this happen to anyone else? Or am I the only one who seems to slack at life?


Mandy said...

I'm a slacker extraordinaire. As I sit here and type this, I'm at my "real" job reading blogs when I should be coordinating nine district meetings across the state. (Sadly, I'm a meeting planner and marketing coordinator by day with dreams of being an aspiring writer at night and on weekends). The only time I ever clean my house is when it starts to smell or when I have company over. I ignored my ill child all weekend to finish my Judy Blume book. Sometimes, we all lack motivation. Try putting on a song that normally revs you up and do a little dance around the house. (Try for a free online music service). Then force yourself to finish your work. It's not fun but sometimes my best work comes when I'm in a 'crunch'. Best of luck in becoming motivated again.

Christy said...

I wish I could be slacker still. As soon as my daughter entered the equation, that option flew out the window.

Cut yourself some slack! (sorry for the bad pun!) - you did some great stuff, and you still have 8 days till your deadline!

Jill said...

Oh...I'm such a slacker too. I'll do ANYTHING but what I really need to do. :)

Heidi said...

omg how was girls in trucks? I've had that on my list for forever!!

Missed you this weekend btw <3333

Shoshanah said...

Its amazing how productive you can be when you're avoiding doing something else

Maris said...

You are NOT a slacker I think you were amazingly productive, in fact!