Tuesday, August 18, 2009

conversations from the weekend

While in the great New England this weekend, I stayed with my sister Saturday night. She's in Quincy, just outside of Boston. It made sense, since I had to be in Fall River, MA Sunday morning at 10am for the bridal shower. I was late for the shower because I got lost, but that is another story.

I arrived in Providence Saturday morning around 11am and immediately drove to get my sister and we then headed north to NH for my mother's birthday. It was supposed to be a surprise, but my sister is a jerk and gave it away. I had wanted to leave home again by 7pm, to be in Quincy by 9am, since I had to get up early, but that didn't happen...it wasn't until close to 9:30 that we left. Ooops. It was around midnight when we finally got to her apartment and we got ready for bed right away. I went to the bathroom to brush teeth and such, and then we had the following conversation-

Lexi (returning to B's room)- "I forgot my toothbrush, so I used yours, okay?"


Lexi (confused)- "What's the big deal?! It was only a tiny bit!"


Lexi (still confused)- "There is plenty left!"

B- "Wait, what? How is there plenty left?"

Lexi- "Well, I just squeezed a tiny bit..."

B- "Wait, what did you use?"

Lexi- "Some of your toothpaste. I forgot to pack mine."

B- "Phew! Oh! Okay! You said you used my toothbrush!"

Lexi- "Eww! Gross! No!"

B- "hahahaha"

Lexi- "I meant toothpaste!!!"

Hahaha, we cracked ourselves up!


Jill said...

Ha Ha...I've actually used my sister's toothbrush once. She was so mad at me. :)

Sounds like a fun and busy weekend.

Ohmygoshi said...

lol I was going to try reaally hard to understand why you would use your sister's toothbrush! I'm so relieved that it was all a misunderstanding!!

I used my mom's toothbrush once, but not until after I boiled it. Even that made me feel a little weird.

Rachel H. said...

You guys are too funny!!

Mandy said...

Oooh, you should have made her think you dropped it in the toilet and then used it, like that Seinfeld episode. haha!

I always wanted a sister. It must be fun to have one. Cute story.

Katelin said...

haha that's pretty funny. oh good times.

magda said...

ah, sisterly love. Telling my sister I'd used her toothbrush is something I might do. Actually doing it, though ... no.

And I hear you on the getting lost. Story of my life. Glad you had such a good time catching up with your family, though!