Tuesday, December 29, 2009

swapping fun (again!)

After yesterday's post about a potential baking swap, I received an email from Jenna Z., who let me know about one of her blogs, where she indexes swaps that are going on. Check this out, it is called swapdex and right now, she has links to several ongoing swaps, including my possible swap. It looks like there are a few Valentine swaps on right now! I was pleased to be included, thank you Jenna!

Also, have a look at her personal blog, it is called CorgiPants and she has photos of her tri-colored fluffy called Sully. We all know about my great love for corgis :)

Come play in my swap, you know you want to!


jamie said...

Corgi!! So cute.

LiLu said...

Corgis are SO cute!!!

Stacie said...

You read my mind--I saw your comment about the advent swap that I participated in and was going to let you know that I found out about it over at swapdex!

Jenna Z said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Lexiloo!

jerricapuck said...

Hi. Would you be interested in doing a double swap.
I'd like to join your swap, (depending on when it is.. so long as it's not toooo soon..).
And I was wondering if you'd like to join my Valentine's Swap. It's posted on SwapDex. Cupid's Blogger Swap.
Also, I know how to make those buttons you were talkin about. So let me know if you're interested.
And e-mail me if you'd like me to make you a button. Please put something obvious in the subject of the e-mail (i.e. Baking Swap Info)so I don't assume it's spam :)
Thanks for your time & I hope you join.

Anonymous said...

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