Thursday, June 5, 2008


The contest is not mine, just one I discovered and am contemplating entering, but today is the deadline, so I have about an hour to decide :)

I found a new food blog- by Rachel-

and look at the contest

Fun, eh? Should I play?


Janssen said...

Hey, I just discovered that blog too, thanks to Love is Blonde. (Note to self: must make that coconut lime rice pudding).

Jenn said...

Do it!

Jess said...

Enter! Absolutely! It's a good reason to try some new recipes and it's fun! Go for it!

Maxie said...

i read that blog too... but it's really random how I found it. I was watching TLC and an episode of Take Home Handyman or whatever it's called with that andrew guy came on. The girl on there was talking about her food blog so I decided I would google the name of the show and blog and guess what!? coconut and lime came up. I emailed Rachel and she didn't even know that it had aired yet but it was pretty freakin random.