Monday, June 9, 2008

I curse the day you were born!

As promised, I will share my thoughts on the Sex and the City movie, which I finally saw Saturday night with Heidi and Magda. A good time was had by all.

This movie? Wonderful. I loved it, I did. I had heard so many spoilers that I really didn't know what would happen. Of course, I had a feeling of the ending, and I was right, though it didn't come the way I thought and there were plenty of surprises along the way.

I won't be giving much away, in case you are one of the four people in America who hasn't seen it yet ;)

Some say you can't go home again; Bon Jovi sings the opposite. Saturday night, Chinatown, 7:15pm, I felt at home with those four girls we've all come to know so well. I loved the opening credits, where they reintroduced them to us, by showing some classic moments from each character. I found myself laughing at the little moments that I had forgotten about. Sure, like most others, I own all six seasons on DVD, but how often do I really watch them? Not as often as I could. I'll admit, I find myself watching the reruns at 10 and 11pm instead. I'll even admit that I tivoed an episode last week, before deleting it a few days later without watching it, knowing it was on DVD.

I digress. Really, I thought the movie was lovely, and I can't think of a thing I would change. I saw that people complained about the length, but when it ended, it left me wanting more. I also read complaints about Jennifer Hudson's character, saying how unnecessary she was- I found her hilarious. I laughed out loud at so many of her one-liners. I want to be her friend. There was also mention that some characters should have had more screen time, but in all honesty, I thought they were all represented pretty well. The core of the show is the girls friendship with one another, not their relationship with their husband/boyfriend. Sure, that is a big (pun intended!) part of it, but in every episode, friendship rises above all and I think that is the message that is coming across. Those are the friends who are there for you through anything, good or bad, happy or sad. The friends who lift you up when you've fallen to pieces and the friends who fly with you when you feel lighter then air. Those are the friends who mean the most.

I thought the movie was beautifully done. Like most others, I'm sure, it made me think of my own friendships and miss the ones who have perhaps fallen away. I try to keep close to me the people who matter the most. Once you are in my life, I try like heck to keep you there. Once you have a piece of my heart, I'll never get it back from you. I don't let people out of my life that easily, because if you are there, it's for a reason and I'll do everything I can to not let you go. I've made some pretty amazing friendships over the years. While some may not be as close as we once were, they are still there.

I've never had that core group of girlfriends though, like Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. Sure, I have friends, good friends and best friends, but most of them travel in different circles and most don't overlap. Sometimes I wish they did, but most days, I love each unique bond that I share with others in a way that nobody else can understand. That's what makes a friendship. Unbreakable bonds.

Here's a quote I love- not from SATC in this case, but from another amazing and now-defunct show- My So-Called Life...

"There are so many different ways to be connected to people. There are the people you feel this unspoken connection to, even though there's not even a word for it. There's the people who you've known forever who know you in this way that other people can't because they've seen you change. They've let you change."

That sums things up pretty well, wouldn't you say?


magda said...

I'm so, so with you on the friendship thing. I've always envied the girls with die-hard friendship circles right there in the present. I have some really good friends, but right now they're all far away .. and we were never a group even when we're together. I have good friends, but no group of friends, if that makes sense.

And I totally wanted more of that movie. Probably since I know I've watched more than 2+ hours by marathoning the DVD collection, it seemed like no time at all.

Katelin said...

i pretty much agree with you on the recap. i wasn't a die hard fan of the show but i throughly enjoyed the movie. i thought there were some parts that could have been changed but other than that, i loved it. and charlotte is my new fave.

L Sass said...

My only complaint was that so much of the movie was so, so, so sad. They captured heart break just TOO well.

La Petite Chic said...

Oooh, I'm going to see it tonight!!

Lauren said...

"My So Called Life" was such a great show!

Dolce said...

I need to see this movie again. I think I had too many cosmos before it started. I forgot all about "I curse the day you were born". Jeez.

Capitol Hill 20210 said...

I really wish I had a core group of girls like that too --I have some great friends but not all of them are friends with each other and we all don't meet on Saturday to have breakfast and discuss whats going on in your lives.

I have already seen that movie twice and will probably go see it again - I tend to watch all 6 of my DVDS usually on a cold winter weekend.