Wednesday, June 25, 2008

dream a little dream of me

I had the strangest dream last night.

I was at a restaurant with some friends (no idea who) and we were sitting at a table. Some guy at another table sent me flowers, and they were sent to me at the table I was at, but we didn't know why. He left before I could say anything, so my friends told me to go outside and thank him, so I did. He got into his car, and I opened the passenger side door, and leaned across to kiss him, in order to say thank you, but he turned my cheek away so I couldn't. Then he drove off. I went back inside and told my friendswhat happened...then I woke up.

I still remember it vividly and can picture many of the details! How bizarre is that? Any idea what it means?!

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Dolce said...

Flower: Beauty. Happiness. Pleasure. Blossoming.

Kissing: Affection. Joy. Coming success. Wish to be close to someone.

Maybe you wish to be close to someone or something, but they are not allowing you to get close.

Dreams are creepy, but barely meaningful.