Tuesday, March 10, 2009

contain this

Do people still have tupperware parties at home? I remember my mother going to them when I was very small, but I haven't heard anyone actually going to a tupperware event in years! Now it's all Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Lia Sophia, Slumber Party by someone, Partylite candles, etc.

What's your favorite at-home buy-something-party?


Anonymous said...

pampered chef is the best... hands down

brandilicious said...

I totally love Pampered Chef and Tastefully simple. Slumber Parties are fun every once in a while with a great group of friends

Lacey Bean said...

My aunt used to have toy parties, they were like intelligent toys for kids or something? All I know is that I got a flashlight in the shape of a tiger and it roared when you turned it on. I was like 14. Hahaha.

Also - I gave you an award on my blog!! :)

Maxie said...

I like the food parties. Jewelry is okay, but it's always so expensive!