Tuesday, March 3, 2009

pot 'o jumbles

  • I've spent the morning taking pictures of a board meeting, where four of the members didn't arrive, due to the "inclement" weather we are experiencing
  • I was up way too late last night, mostly due to my outrage at The Bachelor. Molly should have told him she was over him and was no with something else. That would have been SO much better!
  • I almost got locked inside the U.S. Botanical Gardens last week
  • I fell in love with another corgi, this one called Clara. By the time I emailed the shelter (she was in Altoona, PA), she'd been adopted. Yes, I tried calling too. Boooo. I need to stop looking for corgis, because I never get the one I want
  • there is a dog adoption event at a nearby winery this weekend. It's on my schedule
  • I love Milky Way Darks
  • I wish it had really snowed yesterday. Like, really snowed.
  • I need to pay my overdue fine to the DC Public Library


Anonymous said...

arggh, i stayed up for the bachelor too and it made me IRATE! i was also hoping Molly would say "you're joking, right? not a chance in hell buddy!" i mean c'mon, he's just going to change his mind again some day... and it'll be much harder on her then.

and what kind of corgi are you looking for? i'm sure you've already looked up the rescues but i have lists of a few if you need them : )
good luck! (cardis are my favorite corgi!)

Katelin said...

good luck on the puppy adoption! :)