Monday, March 16, 2009

discussion du jour

Here is an article I just read in one of the NH newspapers I read. Read it, and share your thoughts.

This just makes me so sad. I find it so ironic that they are saying that libraries are not essential in today's economy. Frankly, I find it even more so! Right now, people don't have the extra cash to stop by Borders and buy new books, so they'll get them at the library! If the book they want isn't available, they will add their name to the wait list. Libraries also have resources for job seekers; job postings, internet access and other useful tools. Why wouldn't you want to learn something new every day and what better place to do so, then your local library?

Are libraries becoming obsolete and an unessential service? Do they intimidate you? Or, are you a proud and happy library user, where you will someday take your children to, and teach them all the wonderful aspects of your pocal public library?

***12:30pm edit-

Take a look at this and just try to convince me that places this amazing shouldn't exist! go on, I dare you!


Janssen said...

As you can imagine, I still think libraries are uber relevant :)

Megan said...

I find this so depressing-- and all too common. Maybe people just don't understand all the things that public libraries DO, that they're not just a free version of a Borders. The alternative, that people aren't interested in books, learning, community...just too upsetting to consider.

magda said...

Every time I go to the library over lunch--and I'm TOTALLY not ashamed to admit that this is often--I see the little fliers for story time and I can't wait to be a mom and bring my kids there in a stroller, and we'll pick out all kinds of fun books to check out that week and read at home.

Save the libraries, I say! This is an outrage.

anOCgirl said...

i LOVE libraries. there's just something about all of those books and the old book smell that no kindle could ever replace. no matter what technological advances may come, i plan on showing my kids the wonders of libraries (well, once i start having 'em).

La Petite Belle said...

i agree, this is super sad.