Tuesday, March 17, 2009

when Irish eyes are smiling

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Since it's nearly over and I am home eating dinner (and okay with that, might I add), I thought I'd wish you a happy day. I actually celebrated over the weekend with some of my favorite people. We went to a winery (shocking, I know, I never go to wineries!) calledChateau O'Brien, which is way out on I-66, in a really lovely spot.

I'll share a few pictures of the fun.

See the food photos? They had corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew, Sheppards pie, Irish cheeses and bread...but best of all- GUINNESS CHEESECAKE!!! Yes, it was as amazing as it sounds, and I must find a recipe. They were tiny little tart, so it was okay to eat about 30 of them, right? Okay, I didn't have that many...but I wouldn't have minded, ha!

See the picture of me holding the wine glass and a tiny green plastic mug? They were hiding those all over the winery with prizes inside. I found a ticket inside mine saying that I had won a free glass of wine! They had an apple wine that was fabulous.

See the picture of the case of wine bottles? They were doing a deal where if you bought a case, you were entered into a drawing to win a free week at a cottage at the Outer Banks in NC. There were eight of us there, so we all went in together! It was a four bedroom cottage, so it would have been fine. No word on winning yet, but my fingers are crossed!

How was your St. Pats? What did you do to celebrate?


magda said...

I'm at home with a pint, doing Russian ... and it's perfect. More perfect, however, if I could get my hands on some Guinness cheesecake ...

I sent a card to my sister this year that said "when irish eyes are smiling, it's time to call a cab." HA.

leprechaun love!

LiLu said...

Your fun was a lot more grown up than mine! Looks like a blast, though :-)

La Petite Belle said...

looks like FUN!

anOCgirl said...

you? like wine? no way! :) looks like you had fun!