Thursday, March 19, 2009

prom dresses?

Totally random-

Do you know of the organizations where you can donate old prom dresses and other formal gowns? I remember hearing about one here in DC where your old gowns would be donated to local high schools where girls who may not be able to afford them could choose one for their prom. Sometimes they are called Glass Slipper Projects or Cinderella Projects, things like that. 

I've tried googling and not much is coming up, other then one in Chicago. I also found one in NH, as well as other states, but I thought it might be nice to stay local. I have a few dresses that I will not be wearing again and it might be a good idea to donate them. I'm sure I could bring them to the Salvation Army or the like, but this might be easier. 

Anyone know of anything?


anOCgirl said...

well...i think community partnership accepts prom dresses. i may be wrong since my memory isn't the greatest, but i think a while back they had done some kind of prom dress drive so that the homeless kids could at least go to their prom. not sure if they still do it.

Maris said...

I don't know any but what a great idea!

Lauren said...

I think it's called the Princess Project. We have a chapter here in FL and it's where I donated all of my prom/homecoming dresses. Hope that helps!

LiLu said...!!!

I've heard only good things.