Tuesday, October 13, 2009

and it's over!

I'm sitting at my new desk, feeling a bit unsure of myself. No, I don't have a new job, just a new office in a new building. My department moved to a new building on the other side of town. I now have another 15 minutes on the metro. Booooo. I'm also now in a cubicle, where I wasn't before, so I am hearing a whole lot of background noise that I'm not used to. It takes some time to get settled, so I'm sure everything will be fine in a week or so!

The weekend went really well, but I am exhausted! We drove to NH on Friday, leaving about 2pm. We were making great time until NJ. I hate the dirty jerz and this was no exception! We ended up getting lost in New Brunswick and hit major traffic. It took us three hours from there to get through the Cross Bronx Expressway into CT. I like NY, I don't like NJ. We finally rolled into my parents driveway just before 2am. Ugh. I had breakfast plans Saturday morning with my best friend, her husband and son (my godson), and my Pepe, aunt and uncle, so that was really nice. My godson is as adorable as ever and is now talking up a storm. The best? He told me that he loves me and gave me several big kisses :)

Both weddings were really very nice. I will post pictures later, once they are uploaded from my camera. For the second wedding, where I was a bridesmaid, my hair was straight! It's naturally curly, as you've seen, and I did straighten it for a few years, but have kept it curly lately. The hair stylist straightened my hair, and it was long (for me!), hitting me a few inches past my shoulders! I was pleased. I was not pleased, however, with the dress. It was still too big. The alterations didn't come out too well, which is disappointing, since they were rather costly. I spent far too much time tugging at the dress, keeping it up. Grrr. We left CT around 6:30 yesterday and made amazing time back. Once we got into DC, we stopped at the grocery store to grab a few things, and I was in my apartment by 12:30pm. Also, I fell asleep and snoozed for a while, missing Jersey entirely :)

I was in bed by 9:30 last night and I am still exhausted. I am just so glad that wedding season is over for the year! Actually, I don't have any weddings on the agenda (so far!) for 2010 either, so this is a good thing. Of course, I wouldn't mind there being one wedding in 2010, mainly my wedding, but we'll see about that ;)

Steve's parents are in town this weekend and also this Saturday night is one of the Room to Read events, which I am very much looking forward to. How is it already halfway through October? I am so confused about that :)


Rachel H. said...

Glad you made it through your busy weekend, and I'm hoping that you can relax some this week! :)

magda said...

"the dirty jerz"--I love it! I have an acute hatred for the state as well, though I'll admit that my trek up the turnpike this weekend was actually (gasp) somewhat pretty; this is just the perfect time of year for the leaves. I know. I was shocked.

I totally want to see you with straight hair sometime! Every once in awhile I'll straighten mine, but I always come out looking about eight years younger. Huh.

Glad the weekend went well and let's catch up soon!

Mzchef said...

Your Godson has talked about you non-stop since Saturday. He LOVES his Auntie! He even has you as a character with his toys. You are lucky, I am the "mom" toy and you get to be the pretty princess Autie. Glad we got to see you!

Did you hear what he said to Steve?
"Mama," pointing to Steve "Who's that man over there?"

"That's Uncle Steve, Aunt Lexi's boyfriend"

Jackson says "Hey Steve, can I have a french fry please?"

It was hilarious.

Mandy's Life After 30 said...

Congrats on surviving your busy, bridal filled weekend. Good luck on the new job environment.

Cougar Tales said...

Ohhhhhhhh....I'm hurt. I hate when people mock New Jersey. But, I can understand it. I grew up in a town at the Jersey Shore and am now in a city named Hoboken (home of The Cake Boss, Frank Sinatra and more bars than any other town in the US. I think I have been lucky to live in a couple of the BEST towns the state has to offer.

Sew Many Ways... said...

Hi Lexi,
So glad you had a nice weekend. I know how exhausting traveling can be. It will take you a few days to recover. We drove to Disney from RI this past April...we love to drive, but the last day going home, not so nice. Traffic in DC (sorry) and the worst was on the Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State parkway. It took us 15 hours from Fayetteville NC to RI. Courtney and Kelsie watch 7 movies on the DVD player in the car!!! Ahhh...the joys of travel.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

sleeping through Jersey is the way to do it!
glad you had a good wedding weekend!