Tuesday, October 20, 2009

arrivederci Inaete

Last week, I posted about my learning that Inaete left the World Vision program. At the end of last week, I spoke to someone in the Seattle office about the situation and yesterday's mail brought a letter from them as well. It seems that Inaete and her family has left Albania and moved to Italy. The Italy part surprised me, because, as I mentioned, her grandparents live in Greece, so I would assume they'd go there. At the same time though, it is easier to get to Italy from Albania, as the Albanian-Greek border is tough, from what I understand.

As I said, I'm sad to lose my sponsorship with her, but I am looking at it in a way that it is partly because of my sponsorship that her family was able to move. They'll have new and better opportunities in Italy and Inaete will have new experiences that will only better her later in life. She'll continue to be in my thoughts and prayers and I'm thankful that I had her in my life for this short time.

Now, the question remains is what to do next. I will continue my relationship with World Vision (I still have Majlinda, after all!), but I am debating where to sponsor this time. I could, of course, continue with Albania. Or, maybe I should sponsor a child in a new country? If I sponsored someone in Latin America, I could practice my Spanish when writing, and that would be a good thing. In case you are curious, here is a list of the countries that World Vision serves. As you can see, there are quite a few to chose from.

What would you do? Stick with Albania, or branch out into the world a bit?


Rachel H. said...

I vote for branching out and finding a new country! I think it would change things up and be fun! :)

Jennifer said...

I would try a different country this time. What a neat thing to write to a person in a different country and sponser them. You are really making a difference in these people's lives! Good for you!

Mel said...

I still have my other world vision kid up for grabs. I don't leave her b/c I don't want to leave her out in the cold without a sponsor.

She's from mexico and she is 9.

The Northerner said...

branch out!

The Pink Chick said...

I say try a new country! Whoever you sponsor is going to be so lucky, and I am sure they will be grateful for your help and friendship!