Tuesday, October 6, 2009


One day last week, I came home to find three letters from World Vision Albania in my mailbox, which of course, thrilled me to pieces. One was from Majlinda, two were from Inaete. In the letters from Inaete, her mother wrote how happy her birthday celebration was last month and how much she was looking forward to beginning school on September 15. I was amazed at how fast these letters arrived, as her birthday was September 8, and they had already celebrated with cake and singing. Less than a month for the letters to find their way to me!

The next day, when I got home, I found yet another letter from Inaete in my mailbox, this one, very different from the other two.

My dear friend,

This is Inaete's mother Enkeleda writing you. This is a thank you letter that I am writing on behalf of Inaete and all of the family, because we are leaving Albania. All our family is moving to another country. It is hard for me to write this letter, as we became good friends. You gave us the joy of a new friendship and we really appreciate the support that you have given us, as well as the community. Inaete has kept all the presents, the letters and the cards you sent her and will take them all with herself. She is going to keep them as something very precious for the rest of her life. The house we have bought will be preserved with much love as a bridge of our friendship. I hope you are well. May God bless you in every step of your life.

With love and respect,

Inaete and family

I didn't know what to think when I read this letter. It just seemed to sudden, since the previous letters were talking about the new school year and all! Of course, I knew that something like this could happen. One of World Vision's goal is to help each family become self-sufficient, which is a really wonderful thing, but I assumed that if this were the case, I would first be contacted by the World Vision office itself. When I got this letter, I called them to find out what was happening, but they didn't have record of Inaete's family moving. They said that the family hadn't notified them of this change. They are looking into it for me and will let me know when they find out.

I know that Inaete's grandparents live in Greece, so I assume this is where they are moving to, but of course, I could be wrong. I am so happy for them; that they can sustain themselves and will be closer to their family, but I can't help being a bit wistful too, because now, I will no longer have any contact with Inaete and I won't be able to watch her grow up and hear her stories. I know how wonderful this is, and how many new and wonderful opportunities that Inaete and her family will have. Greece is a member of the European Union, whereas Albania has a long way to go before that might happen. She will likely learn Greek now too, and probably English later and will have new experiences that she may not have been able to have in Albania. I just wish that there was still a way that I could keep in touch with Inaete and her family.

I'll miss her.


Rachel H. said...

So sad...maybe they'll figure it out and you never know, maybe she'll reach out to contact you at some point even after they've moved. Or can they do that?!

Laurie said...

Maybe Inaete will contact you in the future - wouldn't that be wonderful! You are a peach for creating love and memories for these families.

The Pink Chick said...

This is sad! I am so sorry you are losing contact with this family! Maybe they will contact you when they move! You are such a sweet and giving person! I know that this family has been greatly blessed just by having you in their lives!

preppyinnewengland said...

Oh so sad and a bit strange. Hopefully, she or her mother will get back to you soon after they move, especially with the urging of Inaete.
Most important, I would keep following up with the organization to see if they get any update on the family's move.